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10 Ways to Make Him want you Back (4 the Ladies)

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There are many tips on how to make him want you and a few are listed here.

The first and foremost thing to remember before you proceed is not to make the mistake of pleading them; at least not in the first four weeks of your breakup. This is the time when guys really want to show their power of decision and their ability to stick on it. It is when they would want to prove they took the right step and would like to keep their stance.

You should not make the mistake of contacting him in this time; not even to show him that you are with another guy in an attempt to make him jealous. It is only going to make things worse because this is just not the time.

Focus on your own self and get into shape rather than digging into a bucket of ice-cream or pack of chocolates.

Just divert your attention to other activities for some time and take the head start towards getting your guy back.

2. Do You Really Want To Know How To Make Him Want You Even More?

If you really want to know how to make him want you back into your life then you need to first let bygones be bygones and forgive the mistakes. Holding on to the grievances will not let you make your efforts worthwhile.

You need to do a little bit of self-analysis and note down where you went wrong or what did you do that hurt him?  Once you have done that, list down the things he did to hurt you or things that were a cause of difference between you and him. At this point you should be able to decide whether you still want to correct yourself and accept him with the things you do not like about him? When the answer comes out to be yes, then you know you really do want your guy back.

You must now try and look for ways to get self-control and regain your composure. And then start on with confidence and faith. Expect rejection initially but he will eventually give in to your honest.

3. The Key To Get Your Guy Back

The best strategy to apply when you are working on how to make him want you again is to make yourself a person that he can trust. When a guy knows he can trust you, confide in you and just be himself around you; there you have the edge and you hold his heart. He is definitely going to come back to you every time.

You need to stick around him but also making him realize that you are sensitive to certain things. Otherwise you are only offering yourself to be easily taken advantage of. You should show that you care about him but maintain that vital self-respect of yours to make him stay with you.

Refresh his memory with your happy moments together he would realize the way he felt towards you in the first place.

The final strategy would be to let him know how he makes you feel and why you always like him.

4. Relationships Bite!

Relationships can be very tricky but breakups can be trickier to handle. Once your guy is not with you anymore you might get into panic and look for ways of how to make him want you more. What you need to remember here is to keep your calm and clear your head.

First be clear on whether you really want to get back with him. The clear you are on this the more chances of success you have of actually getting him back into your life.

The next thing you need to do is steer clear of any contact with him. You need to just cut off all point of contact with him and wait for him to get back; your impatience can mess things up and you just don’t want that.

When he eventually establishes contact with you; stay calm and try to act indifferent. This will draw him closer to you.


5. Just Broke Up With Your Guy? Relax And Take Time Out For Yourself

Once in a lifetime we are all faced with a breakup or perhaps several breakups; we need to be mature enough to handle them. Instead of striving desperately on how to make him want you back you should just stay clear headed.

Train yourself in a psychological manner and consider this waiting time as a step towards the greater reward; your reunion with your guy. The more easy and relax you will stay the greater the chances are that your guy will come back to you.

Stay positive and utilize this time to actually focus on reasons why you wish this guy back in your life. Also draw your attention to yourself; wear makeup and look nice. Take time to hang out friends, go to the movies and just do everything to make you happy and give you space.

If you keep sulking over your breakup you will only make yourself miserable and affect your health and beauty altogether. Don’t you think you should be looking prettier than ever when you finally get to meet your guy?

6. Best Ways On How To Make Him Want You

Most women face the dilemma of thinking that they have had enough partnership of this one person in their life and that it is now time to move on. This is the most critical time when they can actually end up deciding to leave the guy in their life and then regret the decision later on.  Then these ladies are seen searching for ways and methods of how to make him want you bad.

When women themselves break up with a guy there are a few simple ways that can work wonders. The most difficult yet most effective is to apologize for what you did to him and say that you regret walking out on him.

Show your compassion and warmth so that he knows that your feelings towards him are genuine and is soon able to trust you again. Accept that you will have to work hard this time to make it work because you have to mend your mistake of letting him go in the first place.

7. Things To Avoid When You Want Your Guy Back

Making your guy come back to you can be a challenge if you want to take it. But before reading any further you should first make up your mind whether you really want to forgive and forget all the bitter things in your relationship and accept your guy the way he is?

When you are really sure then you should work on how to make him want you but avoid the following:

Do not beg or plead him to get back with you. By doing this you will only worsen the situation and make him go farther from you as guys want their space.

Keep your dignity and let him know there is a limit to how far you will pursue him.  But show your warmth and affection by listening to what he has to say.

Do not make the mistake of doing something silly only to make him jealous. This may make him think you have actually moved on.

8. How To Make Him Want YouWith Dignity

When you breakup with your guy who you have been with for quite some time now; it would be very painful to keep up with. You may have after thoughts about your breakup and want to search how to make him want you. The only way you would want to have him back in your life is with dignity and nothing less.

You have to keep away from the common mistakes that girls make in desperation of having their guy back. Tick ‘pleading’ or ‘begging’ him to come back off your list. The more desperate you show yourself the farther he will move away from you.

In line with the same, you should not bombard him with text messages and phone calls. The more you make yourself available the less are the chances that he will come back. This would only show you are compromising on your dignity. Ego is one thing and dignity is another. So, look for ways on how to get guy back with your dignity intact.

9. Is It Really Him You Want Back?

Before you get into following few steps or read into how to make him want you again first ask yourself a list of questions.

Ask yourself, is it really him you want to reconsider and take a chance with?

Ask yourself and analyze what went wrong to let things towards a breakup?

Ask yourself and recall what he did to hurt you? Are you really willing to strive all your way back to him and put up with all that again?

Get answers to these questions with a cool and relaxed mind; put aside your thoughts of getting him back otherwise you will reach biased conclusions only. And you need to have answers fully focused on facts and not out of emotions. Remember a baseless relationship will not remain long enough.

Once you have your answers and you find he is worth going back after; then you start you approach him with all the right moves.

10. Getting Started To Get Your Guy Back

Who doesn’t want to revive their lost love; well every sane person does. But a few things need to be considered before you get going on how to make him want you back.

You should firstly try to straighten out past issues and not drag them along into your fresh start. Ponder over the reasons for your breakup and try to think of a permanent fix to those issues.

Identify your mistakes and be prepared that you would have to apologize for wherever you had been wrong. Also get yourself in the habit of compromise. Tick it off your list that you would be able to change your ex in anyway. The perfect reason for your guy to return to you should be his unconditional love for you.

While you try to fix things you should not forget that your direction should be towards a promise for future. Yes, your fresh start should not be anything close to what you had before your breakup.

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