Bus Driver Fights Student (NEWS) VIDEO

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Bus Driver Fights Student Passenger In Baltimore

The Baltimore bus driver lashed out at the young female student on Monday afternoon, according to a spokesman from the Maryland Transit Authority.

A video filmed on a mobile phone shows the bus driver trying to restrain the passenger by her hair as she kicks wildly and punches the driver in the face.

The scuffle soon moves to the back of the bus as other commuters get out of the way of the brawling pair.

The white-haired bus driver then overpowers the young woman, asking her if fighting makes her “feel better”.

The situation soon clams down and the driver returns to the front of the bus as the student appears to get off.

The bus driver tells another traveller the fight was about the student “being disrespectful”.

The person who posted the video online on November 13 said the fight started because the student was listening to her music “too loud” and claimed the bus driver hit the student first.

MTA spokesman Terry Owens said the driver, who has been working for the MTA since 2003, has been suspended while the footage is reviewed.


Source: Baltimore Sun

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