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Common Entrance Results (St Lucia)

Common Entrance ResultsOops Car­ni­val Bands Assoc. Got It Wrong (St Lucia). Read more … »

by Kendal Burton


Over twenty five hun­dred of the stu­dentsSt Lucian club places first for Inter­na­tional Student’s Week in Trinidad. Read more … », who wrote the com­mon entrance exam­i­na­tion this year, will be assigned to sec­ondary schoolCol­lege Week : GrΣΣk . Read more … » places.


This fol­lows, Friday’s announce­ment of the exam results by Min­is­ter of Edu­ca­tionLearn­ing From The Finnish Edu­ca­tion Sys­tem (St Lucia). Read more … » Dr. Robert LewisLabour Code Takes effect August 1st (St Lucia News). Read more … ». Accord­ing to him the remain­ing stu­dents did not achieve the scores nec­es­sary for placement.


The Montes­sori School out­per­formed other pri­vate insti­tu­tions on this year’s exams, with the Dame Pearlette Pri­mary School top­ping the list of pub­lic schoolsGood Schools for Audio Engi­neer­ing & Music Pro­duc­tion — COLLEGE WEEK. Read more … » writ­ing the exam. Remark­ably Dr. Lewis noted three of the top scores on the island belong to male stu­dents, how­ever the female stu­dents con­tin­ued their dom­i­nance of the Eng­lish, Math­e­mat­icsPoor Math Per­for­mance A Prob­lem (Caribbean News). Read more … » and Gen­eral Papers.


Two thou­sand eight hun­dred and thirty one stu­dents wrote the exam. Of the 1497 stu­dents who sat the exam achieved the national mean which is 59.04%.


The top per­former in this year’s exam is Jonas Landwehr of the Bon­neterre Prepara­tory School

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