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Common Entrance Results (St Lucia)

Common Entrance ResultsOops Carnival Bands Assoc. Got It Wrong (St Lucia). Read more ... »

by Kendal Burton


Over twenty five hundred of the studentsSt Lucian club places first for International Student's Week in Trinidad. Read more ... », who wrote the common entrance examination this year, will be assigned to secondary schoolCollege Week : GrΣΣk . Read more ... » places.


This follows, Friday’s announcement of the exam results by Minister of EducationLearning From The Finnish Education System (St Lucia). Read more ... » Dr. Robert LewisLabour Code Takes effect August 1st (St Lucia News). Read more ... ». According to him the remaining students did not achieve the scores necessary for placement.


The Montessori School outperformed other private institutions on this year’s exams, with the Dame Pearlette Primary School topping the list of public schoolsGood Schools for Audio Engineering & Music Production - COLLEGE WEEK. Read more ... » writing the exam. Remarkably Dr. Lewis noted three of the top scores on the island belong to male students, however the female students continued their dominance of the English, MathematicsPoor Math Performance A Problem (Caribbean News). Read more ... » and General Papers.


Two thousand eight hundred and thirty one students wrote the exam. Of the 1497 students who sat the exam achieved the national mean which is 59.04%.


The top performer in this year’s exam is Jonas Landwehr of the Bonneterre Preparatory School

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