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Is it safe for dogs to eat Mangoes ? Mongrels love Mangoes too!

Mon­grels loveMen fake orgasms, too… 5 Lit­tle Known “Facts” About Men. Read more … » Man­goes too!

Can i get a Woof Woof! Today i caughtTop Ten Ways that Cheaters Get Caught | Sex & Rela­tion­ships. Read more … » one of my dogsGraphic video shows dogs being chopped up and cooked in front of din­ers . Read more … » eat­ing a Julie MangoHome­made Mango Chut­ney Recipe. Read more … » which fell from the tree. The dog rushed to it, and had an imme­di­ate feastFish­er­men Cel­e­brate Feast (St Lucia). Read more … »

Was the mango good for it?

Guess what! Yes, Yes, Yes!  it’s actu­ally good for them.

If you want to feed your dog a mango, just make sure to REMOVE THE PIT. If your dog eats the pit, it could get stuck in his diges­tive track, which can cause healthEat Smart, Be Smart. Read more … » prob­lems or deathRihanna Mourns the Death of Her Grand­mother. Read more … ».

Just give a lit­tle bit and mon­i­tor him to make sure he doesn’t have any aller­gies. If he likes it and there are no prob­lems, just give him a lit­tle from time to time. Mod­er­a­tion is the key.

The big­ger dogs maybe able to crush the seed and swal­low, and later on ‘poop’ it out, BUT BE CAREFUL with the lit­tle dogs!

below if my dog in action!


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