Is it safe for dogs to eat Mangoes ? Mongrels love Mangoes too!

Mongrels love Mangoes too!

Can i get a Woof Woof! Today i caught one of my dogs eating a Julie Mango which fell from the tree. The dog rushed to it, and had an immediate feast! 

Was the mango good for it?

Guess what! Yes, Yes, Yes!  it’s actually good for them.

If you want to feed your dog a mango, just make sure to REMOVE THE PIT. If your dog eats the pit, it could get stuck in his digestive track, which can cause health problems or death.

Just give a little bit and monitor him to make sure he doesn’t have any allergies. If he likes it and there are no problems, just give him a little from time to time. Moderation is the key.

The bigger dogs maybe able to crush the seed and swallow, and later on ‘poop’ it out, BUT BE CAREFUL with the little dogs!

below if my dog in action!


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