New Website! Rep where you’re from!! i keep telling them!! I AM LUCIAN

I am St Lucian
Written by DaMajority

Fiona Compton is a St. Lucian photographer based in London.

Recently she has embarked on a new
venture called I am St. Lucian.“I am St. Lucian” www.iamstlucian.com, is a website for St. Lucians by St.
Lucians. “The idea for the “I am St.Lucian” campaign came into conception when I was brainstorming
with a few fellow St.Lucian creative professionals on launching an event in London. This event was
meant to showcase the extensive variety of artistic projects run by up and coming St.Lucians based
in St. Lucia and abroad”, says Fiona. While the event is still in the planning phase, it turned out to be
a much greater venture than Fiona had initially anticipated. Thus, she decided to use the website not
only to promote this event but to promote all things St.Lucian; from businesses and services, to people
and events. Many St.Lucians rely on word of mouth to promote their trade, the website will serve as a
networking hub for all St.Lucians.

The website’s objective soon changed from being a site to promote St. Lucian businesses to a site
to uplift and educate St.Lucians on our rich history. The aim is to focus on lesser known facts about
St.Lucia, and to paint a visual picture of what St.Lucia was like over 100 years ago, using century old
photographs of the island. “It was incredible to see that the site received 10,000 views in the first 10
days after its launch!” says Fiona. The next step is to help uplift and inspire St. Lucians by showcasing
fellow St.Lucians who are making their mark on the world. There are St. Lucian fashion designers
traveling as far as Africa to show their work on International stages, writers traveling the globe attending
book signings for their personal memoirs, film makers entering their work in critically acclaimed film
festivals, St. Lucians working in Afghanistan, moving up the ranks in the British and American Armies,
and most of all, the hardworking St. Lucians on island who are dedicated to building and progressing our
island. The best part is that so many of these people are young people!

“The name I am St.Lucian came from seeing an image of a young muslim girl wrapped in an American
flag, with the caption ‘I am America’. This powerful image inspired me to photograph some of the
images seen on the website. I thought the title was all encompassing. We may be from Anse La Raye
living in Egypt, or from Vieux-Fort flying jets in Iraq, or from Castries toiling away trying to better our
country. Rich or poor; man, woman or child; there is one thing that binds us no matter where or who we
are; we can join in unison and say together -I AM ST.LUCIAN”.

Any St. Lucian can provide content for the website. Please send information to [email protected]

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