St Lucia’s National Dish : Green fig and saltfish (fig vét é lanmowi) – RECIPE


For the green fig and saltfish

For the cucumber saladCreole Fried Shrimp Salad w/ Jalapeno Ranch Dressing. Read more ... »


1. For the green fig and saltfish: prepare the salted cod by rinsing off the excess salt. Put into a pan and cover with cold waterWINFRESH Launches H20 (St Lucia). Read more ... ». Bring to the boil then drain; repeat 2-3 times until the water is no longer salty. Remover the skin and bones and flake the flesh.

2. HeatPaul George Dunks over Lebron James + Stephenson gets Ejected in Pacers Victory over Heat. Read more ... » a little oil in a large pan and gently fry the onion, seasoning peppers and garlic until softened. Add the spring onions and stir well.

3. Remove the pan from the heatMovie Trailer: ‘The Heat’ (starring Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy). Read more ... » and stir in the prepared saltfish. Add the tomatoes and hot pepper sauce. Finally stir in the bananas and mayonnaise to bind. The dish shouldn’t need any more seasoning because of the saltfish. Serve sprinkled with freshDaMajority Movie Friday : "Fresh" (1994) watch full movie. Read more ... » herbs.

4. For the cucumber salad: deseed cucumber and shred in to thin sticks.

5. Whisk the sugar, lime juice, rum, walnut oil and spring onions together. Drizzle over the cucumber and toss well to dressA Dress that turns Transparent When You Get Sexually Aroused. Read more ... ». Serve with the green fig and saltfish.


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