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Things Wrong with St.Lucia, Stuff that we can Fix with little effort by (PLEASE COMMENT)

Written by DaMajority

Things wrong with St.Lucia, Stuff that we can fix with little effort 

1) We consume more than we produce and export (which means more money leaving the country than coming in, Oh and most food comes from abroad)
2) Our education system doesn’t prepare anyone for the real world or to compete with persons from the OECS or other countries
3) Our Education system doesn’t even prepare us to look for work outside our country
4) We can’t expect justice when we don’t even have a law library or complete collection of OUR OWN LAWS
5) You can’t have the ECONOMY and the future of the country dependent on ONE industry (Tourism) you can’t control. Its stupid!

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  • Hi there,
    Another thing is the fact that our country is being overpowered by foreigners.

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