Things Wrong with St.Lucia, Stuff that we can Fix with little effort by (PLEASE COMMENT)

Things wrong with St.Lucia, Stuff that we can fix with little effort 

1) We consume more than we produce and export (which means more moneyModel Victoria Mone't writes Book on Sex Trafficking & Tripling your Income - "Green Game". Read more ... » leaving the country than coming in, Oh and most food10 Issues We have with Purchasing Food in St Lucia | Which Points do you agree with ?. Read more ... » comes from abroad)
2) Our educationBrooklyn’s Adrian Fanus partners with Project Education in School Supplies Campaign. Read more ... » system doesn’t prepare anyone for the real worldSt Lucia Ranks 22nd,Barbados 15th in CORRUPTION INDEX 2012 According to Transparency International ?(St Lucia News) . Read more ... » or to compete with persons from the OECSOECS Hosts Trade Workshop Here (St Lucia News). Read more ... » or other countriesTop Ten Weapon Exporting Countries... And they preach PEACE ?. Read more ... »
3) Our Education system doesn’t even prepare us to look for work outside our country
4) We can’t expect justice when we don’t even have a law library or complete collection of OUR OWN LAWS
5) You can’t have the ECONOMY and the futureDrake Kicks Future Off Tour, Gets Sued For $1.5 Million. Read more ... » of the country dependent on ONE industry (TourismPM Happy With Tourism Figures (St Lucia News). Read more ... ») you can’t control. Its stupid!

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