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Which Caribbean Beer is the Best! : Battle of the Beers!


Wadadli – Brewed by Antigua Brewery, Antigua & BarbudaSt Martin & Barbuda rep the Caribbean in The World's Best Secret beaches. Read more ... »

A barley brewed Lager light golden color a mix aof barley corn and some malt gives it that crisp spicy sweetness.


Wadadli beer by djukami/flickr

Wadadli beer by djukami/flickr


Balashi Beer - Brouwerij Nacional, Aruba – Winner of the prestigious “Monde Selection” in Brussels in 2001.

Made from imported Scottish malts, Bavarian hops and the pure islandSt Martin & Barbuda rep the Caribbean in The World's Best Secret beaches. Read more ... » waterWASCO Working To Restore Water Supplies (St Lucia News). Read more ... ».

A smooth clear color with no artificial additives added, golden pilsner that is available in Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire.

Balashi beer

Balashi beer


Kalik Gold

Kalik Gold – Commonwealth Brewery Ltd. New Providence, Bahamas:

Gold lager pours with a solid white head that dissipates quickly. The clean aroma of citrus fruitHomemade Mango Chutney Recipe. Read more ... » carries through to the palate.

This lemony beer blends with the light husky-malt body. Finishes dry – a pleasant “hot weather2014 Atlantic hurricane season | The Names | Weather. Read more ... »” brew.

The 7%abv is nearly imperceptible, with no sharp feel of alcohol2012 Top 20 Global Alcohol Consumption Countries : St Lucia & Dominica in Top 5. Read more ... » on the tongue.

Kalik Beer

Kalik Beer


Banks Beer

Banks Beer2013 Beer Calendar Battle : Piton vs Banks Beer - What's your Pick ?. Read more ... » – Banks Breweries, Barbados . A premium pilsner style lager is brewed from a pure classic blend of

two-row British and Canadian malted barleys deliciously flavored by Galena and Styrian Goldings aroma hops.

However it is the naturally filtered water by method of purification through limestone rock,

Banks beer by Hodgers/flickr

Banks beer by Hodgers/flickr

Cayman Islands


Caybrew — The Cayman Islands Brewery, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Caybrew is a refreshingly smooth, full-bodied premium lager, with a crisp, clean hop character.

Caybrew beer

Caybrew beer




Bucanero – Cerveceria Bucanero, Holguin, Cuba.

A golden beer, with a vigourous and robust flavour. Nice noble hop aroma. Light body, fairly bitter,

Holguin is where the best quality water in the country2012 Top 20 Global Alcohol Consumption Countries : St Lucia & Dominica in Top 5. Read more ... » can be found.

Bucanero beer

Bucanero beer



Kubuli- Dominica Brewery, Dominica.

Kubuli is brewed with 100% Natural Spring water and the local Brewery’s very own formula.

This fresh, German oriented beer has gained favour from beer drinkers from EuropeCaribbean Countries to be exempted from visa requirement by E.U. Read more ... » to North America and all over the CaribbeanGoing Ape Over Bananas (HEALTH). Read more ... ».

The proud recipient of a Gold award in the reputable ‘Monde Selection Quality Awards’.

Kubuli Beer

Kubuli Beer


Dominican Republic


Presidente – Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana Dominican Republic.
Presidente is a premium beer brewed using the finest blend of imported hops and barley malt for a crisp and refreshing taste.

It has a pleasing golden color, great flavor with body and minimal aftertaste.

Presidente beer by pocketwiley/flickr

Presidente beer by pocketwiley/flickr


Haiti Prestige

Prestige Lager - brewed by BRANA S.A, Port au Prince, Haiti.

Prestige has a pale yellow color, light head with a corn sweet aroma. A fast faded flavor with a herbal aftertaste.

Prestige beer

Prestige beer

JamaicaThe Skin Bleaching Phenomenon in Jamaica "Bleaching makes me more Pretty??" Must Watch Video. Read more ... »

Red Stripe

Red Stripe – Desnoes & Geddes ltd, Kingston, ,Jamaica

Red Stripe has a light golden color, nice and minimal head that quickly dissolves.

Cereal aroma with a taste mostly malty with some corn, and it was slightly sweet.

It was first produced in 1928, 1938, it was produced to the lager it is today from a recipeSt Lucian Guava Cake w/ Chairman's Reserve (Recipes). Read more ... »

developed by Paul H. Geddes son of Thomas Hargreaves Geddes (founder).

The modern brewery was opened at Hunt’s Bay in 1958.

Redstripe Beer

Red Stripe Beer

Martinique Bière Lorraine

Lorraine Beer – Brasserie Lorraine. MartiniqueThe Pirate who wanted the Heads of Bajans ,Martiniquians & Stole Ships in St Lucia | BLACK BART |History. Read more ... » , FWI

Lorraine Beer has a pale golden colour with a white head.

Sweet soft and slightly herbal aroma with a malty character that finishes with a short bitter palate.

Bière Lorraine

Bière Lorraine

Puerto Rico

Medalla Light

Medalla light – Cerveceria India in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Medalla is a light lager with dark color and a nice refreshing sweet taste with a body.

Medalla Beer

Medalla Beer

St Croix Blackbeard Ale

Blackbeard Ale – brewed by Virgin Islands Brewing Co. Christiansted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.

BlackBeard Ale by Vidar Andersen
BlackBeard Ale by Vidar Andersen


A pale ale  amber in color with a creamy white head. Sweet caramel aroma and a malty character pleasant on the palate with a slightly bitter finish.

PitonPiton Beer BIG BAND THURSDAZE ! @ LIQUID NIGHT CLUB!!. Read more ... » – Windward & Leeward Brewery Ltd, St Lucia

Piton BeerTake a peek at Piton Calendar Girl for 2013 : Meet Tangie (St Lucia News). Read more ... » is a pilsner lager made with specially selected malt, hops, yeast and maize to give an estery, floral and hoppy aroma.

Named after the world famous Gros PitonSwedish National Dies Whilst on the Gros Piton Trail (St Lucia News). Read more ... » and Petit Piton (mountains) of S. Lucia.

Piton Beer

Piton Beer

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